The Collins


“I can’t tell you how much we love our new table that you custom built for us. We feel like we really were a part of the creation process and that it is really ‘ours’….thanks again!”


Kim had found a table with the exact industrial, metal base she’d been looking for. Unfortunately, she was struggling to customize it to the size she wanted and didn’t see any options for the table top to have the color and texture she had in mind.

Looking through our portfolio she fell in love with the coloration and texture of our table tops, and was delighted to hear that we could customize the base to her dimensions.

Working off visual inspiration she collected, we designed a custom table and were able to deliver quickly before the holidays so she and her family could enjoy time together around this around a beautiful new table with heritage and character.

Because Kim lived in Fort Collins, Colorado and because we liked the design so much, we named it The Collins.

liked the coloration and feel of one of the tables in our portfolio; she had also seen an industrial, metal based table on a site like Pinterest.

Wanted to combine the two; she lived in Fort Collins, Colorado.

She had actually found a table with the exact base she wanted, but she couldn’t get it in the size she wished and couldn’t get the top to have a reclaimed look, with the color & texture she desired. We produced this custom job, working off of the inspiration she founded elsewhere. We delivered quickly before the holidays!