Squatty Potty, Toilet Stool, Squatty Potty Stool, Wood Squatty Potty, Ergonomically Correct Toilet Posture Stool


Squatty Potty, Toilet Stool, Squatty Potty Stool

Don't laugh, you seriously want one of these!

Designed to sit in front of your toilet so you can prop your feet up when it is time to go, our little poop stool gives you the assist you need to get your hips properly aligned with your colon, allowing gravity to do the work!

Dimensions are approximately 17" long x 9" wide and about 9" tall, though we can customize if needed.

Can help reduce hernias, hemorrhoids and other gastro-intestinal unpleasantness, and being made from reclaimed wood with sexy hairpin legs makes it a damn site more attractive in your bathroom than a plastic potty squatty!

Our furniture is crafted from reclaimed wood and industrial metal. No two pieces will look the same. There will be variation in color and grain pattern. Because of this, what you receive may look a bit different than our listings, but uniquely beautiful and made by hand just for you!

At this time we do not ship internationally or to Hawaii or Alaska


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