La Provencale


“Words cannot describe how beautiful the pieces you made me. Each detail is Truly magnificent. I researched and took my time finding the perfect craftsman to take on this project. The custom French farm table, the factory cart and the barn door are better than I dreamed. I was moved close to tears when the barn door was complete. As I have mentioned, having you all create the barn door to replicate the red barn that my little pony lived in on a Wisconsin farm when I was a little girl- was perhaps the most important addition to our new home. Your delivery crew were incredible. I know it was a real challenge for them to mount such a piece in my home but their knowledge, professionalism and joy was evident in all they did to bring this piece to me. Thank you to everyone for your beautiful craftsmanship and pride in creating these amazing prices so that folks like us can help preserve this important part of American history! I hope to be back for more furniture to add to our home in future years!”


Our client, a French couple living on the Eastern Shore, were developing a rich French, antique-style theme in their home.

Their entire home was being decorated and remodeled in this style, and there was one piece that hadn’t been able to locate: a large table with highly customized dimensions.

They visited our woodshop twice, showing us pictures and inspiration for the project and working closely with us to identify the style, color, and texture that would make their vision a reality.

With a clear mutual vision we designed a graceful table that blends the best of function and beauty to create a seamless picture of quiet dignity and vintage warmth.

We liked this French, antique-style table so much, we named it the La Provencale.