The Schwarzwald


“Well guys, you outdid yourselves…we wanted an authentic German style trestle table designed for our new addition and you completely transcended our expectations! We are so pleased and proud. It is an heirloom piece we will enjoy forever and we can’t thank you enough.”

Our client, a man from German lineage, was making a major renovation to his home in Middleburg, Virginia. Originally, this was a very small home built in the late 18th century when the Germans settled in the area.

Having visited Germany, our client brought back inspiration for exactly what he wanted his table to look like.

Taking this inspiration, we designed a table that matched the German style and architecture of his home along with the furniture inside of it.

The finished product was a gorgeous antique oak trestle table which we hand-crafted from solid reclaimed oak floor joists and beams, making it look like it came right out of a storybook tavern in the Bavarian Alps!

We liked the table design so much, we named it The Schwarzwald.