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Wood Casket, Pine Coffin, Custom Casket

We can get a casket to most locations inside 2-4 days -- please contact us at 540-671-8528 if there are any questions or concerns!

Outside Dimensions are approx. 28" wide x 84" long x 18" deep

This simple solid wood casket hand crafted from 110 year old antique Heart Pine is our answer to the lowly 'pine box' of days past.

Designed to be be beautiful, functional and dignified, each casket is made individually by hand to reflect the unique personal history of your loved one, and enfold them in the warmth and richness of authentic antique wood.

Our work is also 'green' and seeks to respect the earth we all spring from and return to, by using ecologically friendly reclaimed lumber.

Pictured with a simple cross, wood handles and a removable full lid, our custom caskets are also available with a wide variety of personalizations such as themed carvings, hand-forged wrought iron handles and more.

Price includes all shipping costs to the lower 48 states.

Please contact us if you have questions or special requests!


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