Butcher Block Countertop, Chopping Block, Authentic Butcher Block, Wood Countertop, Butcher Block Island, Kitchen Countertop

Authentic Butcher Block, Chopping Block PLEASE NOTE: Countertops are priced per square foot. Please contact us for a quote on the size that you need. Color and wood species may vary. Example listing only! We make these Custom Reclaimed Wood Countertops for about 75 dollars a square foot. Our unique reclaimed wood counter tops are custom made to your exact specifications from eco-friendly salvaged hardwoods. Our ever popular Butcher Block style countertops have a colorful selection of reclaimed hardwoods for a one of a kind look sure to be the centerpiece of your kitchen remodel! Pricing ranges from $75 to about $90 a square foot depending on the your particular needs, with cutouts, etc. Just contact us or use the Request Custom Item button and we will put together a quote for your project.


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