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Butcher Block Countertop, Kitchen Island, Butcher Block Island Most of the info you need is in the description below, if you still have questions feel free to contact us! Because of the nature of the reclaimed wood, no two pieces are alike an may look different then the listing example! EXAMPLE LISTING ONLY! We make these Custom Reclaimed Wood Plank Countertops from authentic reclaimed Wormy Chestnut for 84 dollars a sq ft -- just send us the dimensions you need! Our unique reclaimed wood counter tops are custom made to your exact specifications from eco-friendly salvaged wormy chestnut. American Chestnut went extinct around the turn of the century, victim to a blight that effectively wiped it out over the course of a few years...it is now only to be found in old houses and barns built around that time. While the Shenandoah Valley will never know another spring abloom with the abundant white flowers of the thousands of chestnut trees that used to grow here, it is comforting to know that the trees still live on, harbored in the homes of people who appreciate their beautiful wood. Our thick plank reclaimed hardwood counter tops are also available in oak, heart pine, walnut and more for a one of a kind look sure to be the centerpiece of your kitchen remodel! Pricing ranges from $45 to about $84 a square foot depending on the your particular needs, cutouts, etc. Just contact us or use the Request Custom Item button and we will put together a quote for your project.


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